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A-Z Reviews by Author

Adams, Douglas: The Restuarant at the End of the Universe
Aesop, Aesop's Fables
Alcorn, Randy: Safely Home
Andrew, Brother & Janssen, Al: Secret Believers
Asbosen, Hans Christian: Robin Hoodie
Asimov: The Stars Like Dust

Baum, L. Frank: The Wizard of Oz
Bond, Michael: Monsieur Pamplemouse and the Carbon Footprint
Bradbury, Ray: Farenheit 451
Branston, Julian: The Eternal Quest 
Brooke-Taylor, Tim et al: The Little Book of Mornington Crescent
Brown, Devin: Inside Prince Caspian 
Burgess, Alan: The Small Woman
Burton, Arabian Nights

Cecil, Veronica: Bongo, Bongo, Bongo, I Don't Wanna Leave The Congo
Chang, Jung: Wild Swans
Chevalier, Tracy: Girl With The Pearl Earring 
Clarkson, Jeremy: The World According to Clarkson
Coelho, Paulo: The Alchemist
Connolly. John: The Book of Lost Things 
Couch, Steve & Pollard, Nick: Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV 
Cryer, Barry et al: The Little Book of Mornington Crescent

Dalby, Liza: Geisha
Dickens, Charles: A Christmas Carol and Other Writings
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee: Sister of My Heart
Drinkwater, Carol: The Olive Farm
Duffy, Carol Ann: The Christmas Truce 
Durrell, Gerald: My Family and Other Animals

Ellis, Deborah: The Heaven Shop

Fermor, Patrick Leigh: A Time of Gifts
Fforde, Jasper: Lost in A Good Book
Fforde, Jasper: One of Our Thursdays is Missing
Fforde, Jasper: Shades of Grey
Fforde, Jasper: The Fourth Bear
Fforde, Jasper: The Well of Lost Plots
Foakes, Grace: Four Meals for Fourpence
Forster, Margaret: The Memory Box
Fry, Stephen: Hippopotamus
Fry, Stephen: Moab is my Washpot
Fryer, James Edward; Patrick Patterson and the World Of Others

Gaiman, Neil: Anansi Boys 
Gaiman, Neil: Coraline
Gaiman, Neil &  Reaves, Michael: Interworld
Garden, Graeme et al: The Little Book of Mornington Crescent 
Gregory, Julie: Sickened

Hale, Shannon: Austenland
Harrison, Robert: Oriel's Diary
Heinlein, Robert A.: Have Space Suit- Will Travel
Henderson, Meg: Second Sight 
Hill, Julia Butterfly: The Legacy of Luna
Hoffman, Paul: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
Hoggart, Simon & Monk, Emily: Don't Tell Mum
Huchu, Tendai: The Hairdresser of Harare

Isaacson, Rupert: The Horse Boy


Kerr, Judith: Bombs on Aunt Dainty
Keyes, Marian: Watermelon
Kinsella, Sophie: Remember Me?

Le Guin, Ursual: The Earthsea Quartet
Le Guin, Ursula: Voices
Lemmons, Thom: Jabez
Lewis, C.S. : The Horse and His Boy
Lewis, C.S. : The Last Battle
Lewis, C.S. : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Lewis, C.S. : The Magician's Nephew
Lewis, C.S. : The Silver Chair
Logue, M & Conradi, P: The King's Speech
Lyttleton, Humphrey et al: The Little Book of Mornington Crecent 

MacDonald, George: Phantastes
Mack, David: Start Trek Destiny Book 3 Lost Souls 
Marukami, Haruki: Kafka on the Shore
McEwan, Ian: Atonement
McNair, Duncan: The Morello Letters
Manby, Chris: Girl Meets Ape
Marney, Laura: Only Strange People Go To Church
Marsden, John: Tomorrow, When The War Began
Millard, Rosie: Bon Vacances
Miller, Heidi Ruby: Ambassadora
Mitchard, Jacqueline: A Theory of Relativity
Moers, Walter: The City of Dreaming Books
Monk, Emily & Hoggart, Simon: Don't Tell Mum

Napoli, Lisa: Radio Shangri-La 
Noble, Elizabeth: The Reading Group
Northcutt, Wendy: The Darwin Awards
Norton, Mary: Bedknob & Broomstick

Ogawa, Yoko: The Housekeeper and the Professor
O'Grady, Paul: At My Mother's Knee

Parsons, Paul: The Science of Doctor Who
Pears, Iain: An Instance of the Fingerpost
Phinn, Gervase: A Wayne in A Manger
Pollard, Nick & Couch, Steve: Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV

Riches, Anthony: Empire: Wounds of Honour
Roberts, AR3: Star Warped 
Robkaay: Silverbirch 
Rowling, J.K. : The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Sabuda, Robert: Saint Valentine
Scheinmann, Danny: Random Acts of Heroic Love
See, Lisa: Shanghai Girls
Shelton, Robin: Allotted Time
Shreve, Anita: Eden Close
Smith-Bendell, Maggie: Rabbit Stew and a Penny or Two
Stewart, Chris: Driving Over Lemons

Todd, Roy: In Pursuit of the Miraculous
Tolkein, J.R.R. : Smith of Wooton Major


Van Why, Artie: That Day in September
Various: A Great Big Read

Walls, Anna L.: King by Right of Blood and Might
Willis, Connie: To Say Nothing of The Dog
Wells, H.G. : The Shape of Things To Come
Wells, H.G. : War of the Worlds
Wenzel, L.D.: Caught in The Winds
Wogan, Terry: Mustn't Grumble


Yun, Brother: The Heavenly Man

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