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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV by Nck Pollard & Steve Couch (A Review)

From goodreads:
Rather than condemn TV as a bad influence or dismiss it as harmless, Get More Like Jesus while Watching TV argues that the way we watch TV matters as much as what we watch. Using illustrations from current and recent television programs, the Damaris team members demonstrate how our TV viewing can actually help us to become more like Jesus and more effective at telling others about him. Using a framework from Romans 12, this book consists of eight chapters which use popular programs to encourage the reader to deepen their relationships with God. There are also four study guides based on programs such as The Office and Friends

My review:
Whilst I didn't agree with everything in this book, I did find it thought-provoking. Sometimes obvious and other times inspired, this book's outlook is challenging and yet it is still easy to read. The TV references ocassionally seemed to be plucked from the air, but this didn't stop the point of the message getting across. Worth reading if you are a Christian who loves TV, not least for the bible studies in the back.

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Action point: Consider the morals set by your favourite programmes- how can you make sure that the right ones affect your life?
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