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What's It All About?

About The Story Factory Reading Zone

Welcome to 'The Story Factory Reading Zone'.
This is a place dedicated to all things books created by 'Abigail Ann' (aka 'neeuqfonafamai').

What will you find here?
The main thing I post is reviews. I feel taht every book I read deserves a review, be it good or bad. I also love to review self-published and ARC books that I receive from authors and publishers- who doesn't like free books? My reviews are always honest and this is a key part of my review policy.
Other than that, I love to join in with bookish discussions and memes. 

My blogging themes
Every month I feature a certain theme across all my blogs. These are decided in advance and are explored through quotes, book reviews, discussions and guest posts. Please do check out my list of themes for more information

Why The Strange Name?
First, I better explain the title. Quite a while ago I started a website called 'QNN Story Factory' where I posted my Queen fan-fiction writings. As I started writing non-Queen stories as well this became known as 'The Story Factory'. It also began to include writings by other Queen fans.

The original reason for this blog?
I've always loved reading, but since joining BookCrossing I've been increasingly reading more and more books. One of the forum posters there talked about their book blog and this reminded me of an old blog that I had on blogger. So, I decided to start a book blog as well.

The future?
I find myself increasingly interested in self-published books and independent publishers. I would also like to write more about British books, and the issues affecting British readers. I hope that, eventually, this will become my blogging niche.
If you can help me achieve this in any way, then I'd be most interested.

About Me

Hi, my name is Abigail and I am the creator of 'The Story Factory Reading Zone'.

I am an avid bookcrosser and absolutely love reading.
Why sort of books do I like? That's the most difficult (and most frequent) question I get asked. The fact is that I like all sorts of books and will basically read anything apart from horror and chick-lit. I used to read an awful lot of science fiction and fantasy, but now that makes up only part of the books I delve into on a regular basis.

My favourite authors are Jasper Fforde, Terry Pratchett, Ursula Le Guin and Christian Jacq.
You've probably heard of Terry Pratchett, but may not have heard of the others. Jasper Fforde writes quite random, but very funny books (in a similar but yet different style to Pratchett). Ursula Le Guin is a classic fantasy writer and Christian Jacq writes historical novels (I particular enjoy his about Ancient Egypt).

Other than reading, I also enjoy playing music in my local brass band and the ocassional sing-sing. In my spare time I enjoy doing half cross-stitch 'tapestries'. And, as with many readers, I also like to write ocassionally.
You can find more about each of these hobbies, and my Christian faith, on my other blogs.

Well, that's all about me and this blog for now.
If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

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