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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Review: Hearing Thoughts by Anthony Diffley


Daniel Burke is a young New York City Assistant DA currently prosecuting a man for the murder of his wife. Even though her body was never found, there is enough circumstantial evidence to bring him to trial. Danny has his own doubts about whether or not this man is guilty of the crime but he knows because of the oath he took, he must follow through and perform his duty as assistant prosecutor.

When the trial is unexpectedly put on hold for a week, he and two of his friends decide to take a short getaway vacation to their cabins up in Lake George. All is going well for him and his friends until he is suddenly and discreetly abducted by an alien vessel from outer space.
The aliens are very friendly and peaceful and have come here to test and observe humans. When they feel that the time is right, they will make their presence known to all mankind. While on board, they give Danny the ability to communicate with them via thought transmission or through the ability of hearing their thoughts. He becomes good friends with one of the aliens who in turn gives Danny some good lessons on life.
Trouble hits their ship just as they are returning him back to earth and while in the process of removing the thought hearing capability. Danny is safely returned, but he is unintentionally left with the talent to hear other people’s thoughts. When he finally realizes he can hear other people’s thoughts, he starts to question himself as to how he can put it to good use. Should he use it on his job? For romance? To beat his friends at cards? To know what the world thinks of him? Or more importantly, after having lost his wife on 9/11, use it to help the government stop another terrorist attack? These choices, plus many more, are all at his disposal but will he choose wisely?

My review
The story starts slowly (the first 4 chapters could probably have been covered in one) but by the middle of the book I was truly ingrigued.

Daniel was an interesting character and I liked to see how he developed throughout the book.

Individual chapters were good reads in themselves and I liked the way in which the author attempted to mix genres. However, the overall plot seemed unoriginal and was too scattered with irrelevant religious overtones.

I think this author shows good promise, but is not quite there yet. My reading was also hampered by frequent typos and grammar mistakes, which I have tried to ignore whilst writing this review.



I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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