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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Review: The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

Foundling Jennifer Strange 15 is an indentured manager for Kazam, a house of sorcerers. As magic dwindles, so do their jobs. Drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets deliver pizzas. But the Last Dragon is set to die this week, and Big Magic is coming.

My review
Whilst not as gripping as the Nursery Crimes or Thursday Next stories, I fonnd Ther Last Dragonslayer and enjoyable read.
 Kazam was a very intriguing world. To some extent it reminded me of Terry Pratchett's world, only with less adult humour. I liked the comparisons and contrasts with our own world, and really felt like I was exploring new territory together with Jennifer Strange.
The idea of the founlings was also fascinating. I won't go into detail here, as I don't want to spoil it for readers, but their relationship with the world is something I would like to hear more about. 
There was much I enjoyed about this book but, unfortunatly, I felt that it was slow in gaining the depth that I wanted. I think that maybe now I know the characters and setting better I might enjoy the next book more.
I super read for older children/young teenagers and an enjoyable quick read for adults who enjoy the Discworld sereis. 

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