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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Last Battle (A Review)

Revolutions being not my favourite biblical book, I was put off from reading this story which I had associated with it. But I was wrong! This has just become my favourite of all the Narnia books!
What's so special about it is the way the pleasure of the children transcends the page. You can imagine their joy and almost feel like you're there as well. There are no floral descriptions, but simple comparisons and admitions of being unable to describe what is being imagined take their place nicely. The links with the bible are clear, but not pushed in your face. I came away with a nice warm glow for which I can only thank C.S. Lewis.
The perfect end to a wonderful series!

Please do not request any of the books in the Narnia series- the book I was reading from is on my keeps list!
However do keep a look out here, on BookCrossing, BookMooch and Born Free Books, as I have a few old copies I may consider releasing into the wild at some stage.
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