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Monday, 30 August 2010

Stream Of Suggestions Part 2

'To Say Nothing Of The Dog' was my first book in the stream of suggestions challenge. I really liked this idea so, despite dropping my reading challenges in general, I'm going to continue on looking for links between books.

Number 2 in my personal 'Stream Of Suggestions' will be 'Three Men in A Boat' by Jerome K. Jerome.
I first became interested in this book whilst watching the TV series 'Three Men in A Boat'. This, if I remember correctly, was about a river journey tracing the book. I found it very funny in places and was intrigued by the trips to places that I had been to, or at least knew of.
In 'To Say Nothing Of The Dog' the main character sees Jerome K. Jerome making his journey down The Thames. Again, there were many references which went over my head without having read the original book.
So now I'm sitting down to remedy the problem and hopefully remember some of the lovely humour from the book and TV series. Along the way I'm hoping that I will doscover the authors own humour and more about the history of some of the places that I have heard of first-hand of from others.

Keep an eye out for the books and authors that I discover references to as I make my journey. Where will the stream take me?
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