Zi71bFS9nQHnivtvUJquhejTHIQ The Story Factory Reading Zone: The Woman Who Walked into Doors (A Review)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Woman Who Walked into Doors (A Review)

Wow! Its hard to believe that this story is a work of fiction, let alone by a male author writing as a woman. So believable was the tone and 'voice' of the text that this was emotionally harder to read than many real life stories I have read. I almost went as far as putting the book away because of the feelings it was creating. But I'm glad I persisted- this book is fantastically written and is a must read, if just for the experience.

This book was part of a BookCrossing ray- please don't request it from me, check out BookCrossing to join the ray if you're interested.
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