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Sunday, 10 April 2011

King by Right of Blood and Might by Anna L. Walls- A Review

The preface to this book really caught my attention, I was immediately transported into another world- a world that I had not expected at all after seeing the cover. For this is a world in which ordinary people have special powers and being born a king doesn't necessary mean that you know how to do the job. After the exciting and intriguing preface the main book started off slowly. I was craving for some descriptions of the characters that I could get my teeth into and some references as to how the events described in the preface had affected them and made their world different from the medieval one I had expected before starting my read. At moments the vivid descriptions were there, and I found myself hoping for them consistantly. These concerns were dispelled, however, as I got to know the characters more through their actions. Our hero turns out to be quite a complex character with a huge task ahead of him. There was so much story here that it could have filled two or maybe even three books, and sometimes events happened so suddenly that I had to re-read them to check I hadn't missed anything. Overall it was quite an easy read though, which brought me much enjoyment.

Thankyou to Anna L. Walls for sending me a copy of her book and openly supporting my policy of honest reviews.

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