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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Readathon giveaway No1

To celebrate reaching the 5th hour of the 24-hour giveaway I'm going to be giving away some bookcrossing goodies. These will help any budding booksharers to start their bookcrossing life.

I'm going to be giving away:
  • 2 large release bags
  • 10 assorted bookcrossing bookplates
  • 1 month worth of wins
To enter simply comment on one of my readathon posts and state that you'd like to be entered into 'Readathon Giveaway No1'- multiple entries are allowed and each comment including thw stated text will count as an entry. This giveaway is open to countries in the EU only (there will be an international competition later on in the 24 hours). I'll post who has won at the end of the readathon, at which point the winner should PM abigailann (me) on bookcrossing to receive their prize. If it is not claimed within 24-hours I reserve the right to pick a new winner.
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