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Friday, 15 April 2011

Stream of Suggestions: Plain Tales from the Hills

It's been a little while since I made a 'stream of suggestions' post, so I guess I better start by telling (or reminding) you what its all about. The basic idea is to follow a 'stream' of readinng from one book to the next, reading books or authors mentioned ('suggested') in the previous book. I signed up for this as a challenge and renewed my participation a year later.  Its the only challenge I'm doing at the moment (about from challenging myself to read more Christian books) and its really interested to study what books each author thinks are worth a mention.

So far I have followed the stream through:
To Say Nothing of a Dog
Three Men in A Boat
Plain Tales from the Hills

Plain Tales from the Hills mentioned:
The Bible
Arabian Nights

Whilst reading the bible from cover to cover would fit nicely with my 'Biblical Personal Challenge' I think it might take rather too long for this activity so, since I already havve it on my TBR shelves, I''m probably going to go with Arabian Nights next. I wonder where the stream will takke me after that?!

Are you taking part in the 'Stream  of Suggestions' Challenge? What other books / authors are mentioned in your current read? Do keep an eye out, you may find some interesting results!
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