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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hours 1 and 2- Reading to Sing the Faith

The observant of you will have noticed that I did not make a post at the end of the first two readathon hours and that the one for the end of hour 3 is also slightly late. The reason for this is that I've been off doing some singing this afternoon. My church circuit has been having an event to explore the new methodist hymn book- 'Singing the Faith'. We were given a sample booklet containing music and words for some of the songs that are in the new book, which we then sang through.
I must say that, personally, I'm quite happy with the new selection. There seems to be a good mix of ones that we've used to from the current hymn book, popular ones from other hymn and/or praise books, plus some good new ones. I'm looking forward to seeing the book in its entirety now when it comes out in September.

If you attend a church, what hymn book do you use or do you not use a hymn book at all?

Reading record:
Hour 1- eating lunch so no reading :(
Hour 2- 35mins (Singing the Faith)
Hour 3- 40mins (Singing the Faith)
Total so far- 1hr 15mins
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