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Saturday, 9 April 2011

End of Hour 9- Refreshing the mind and the body

I'm about two-thirds of my way through Book 2 now and beginning to feel tired. The hot weather of the day has turned to night and I feel ready for bed. But I'm determined that I will complete as many hours as possible of this readathon and am therefore striving to stay awake.

Somewhere between 9pm and bedtime I normally have a glass of chocolate soya milk. As the clock ticked towards 9 I began to crave me usual daily treat. However there was one slight problem- this chocolately drink makes me tired and ready for bed, yet I wasn't wanting to tire quite yet. So, I decided to try something new and make a sort of cold soya mocha by adding coffee powder. And, to my surprise, it worked! So now I have a new drink to try when I want to stay awake.

Do you have any bedtime routines? Do you have anything you like to drink to keep awake?

Reading Record
Hour 9- 45mins
Total so far = 3hrs 50mins

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