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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Local library changes

There have been so many changes in my local library recently that I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to them. Against the tide of closing libraries that has sprung up accross the country recently, my town's branch has had a makeover. The result is the feel of a modern and spacious library, much more welcoming to the general public. So, what changes have they made:
  1. The large checkout desk which dominated the entrance space has been moved to the side of the room and reduced in size. There are still staff there to help out, but the importance of the desk to the room as a whole seems to have decreased.
  2. New shelves have been placed where the library desk used to be. These are of a low height so that you can see the rest of the library easily. On them are displayed a whole range of 'highlighted' books, encouraging readers to try something new.
  3. There is now an automated checkout system. I must admit that I was a bit worried about this when I first heard it was going ahead, because a lot of the library users seem to be quite old and might not be technically minded. However, I am really impressed with how easy the system is to use. To return a book or books you simply place it/them ontop of the machine. That's it! Easy! To check-out books is a little bit harder, but only slightly as it just involves scanning your library card first. You even get a nice receipt to help you remember when to return the book (which could double up as a useful bookmark if you were desperate). 
  4. Some of the non-fiction books have been moved downstairs. This is fantastic as hardly anyone ventures upstairs, so they'll hopefully be used a lot more now.
  5. The for-sale shelves have been got rid of. Now, this is the only thing I'm disappointed by. I loved popping in and feeling like I was supporting the library's finances by buying up books cheap that they no longer used.
I'm really pleased with my library's revamp. Now you've had a taste of what my local library is like, why not tell me about yours as well?
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