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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Freewheeling Spring Festival

Today I'm featuring a local group who like to use an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Last weekend my local town market place was host to a cycling event. Events included cycle rides and cycle maintenance. There was also food and entertainment. You can find out more, see pictures and watch a video, on the town blog.
Freewheeling is a group that encourages bike riding through a series of weekly (or monthly) group bike rides of various levels. You can find out more about the group and sign up to join them through their website.

I must admit that I'm no longer a cycler myself and tend to relay rather too heavily on my car. When I was young I had a bike but, due to fitness concerns at the time, I was forced to get rid of it. I'm now trying to walk where possible instead, but often don't get myself organised with enough time to do so.

Do you belong to a cycling group or just enjoy cycling? Or are you over-reliant on your car?
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