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Friday, 30 December 2011

Robin Hoodie by Hans Christian Asbosen (A Review)

The blurb:
This explosive historical document reveals the real Britain of old; where the orphan Jamie Oliver Twist campaigned for healthier workhouse gruel; Dick Turpin was a notorious charity mugger; Shakespeare was busy penning the Christmas special of his soap opera; and Robin the Hoodie nicked iPods off ruch joggers to give to the poor. Painstakingly mistranslated from the original sources, Robin the Hoodie is a treasury of anti-social tales from history that will help you forget all that nonsense they taught you at school.

My review:
This alternative history of England has truly bizarre. Don't get me wrong, it was humorous, but there was something missing somehow. I think it was probably the fact that most of the jokes were one-liners that was the problem- funny in themselves, they lacked a sense of continuity. Furthermore, there was only a skating reference to the true history in most cases, with some stories centred around puns on names, or one small legendary incident. Having said this, it was an enjoyable light-hearted read, perfect for the Christmas holidays.
 I bought this book new.

Action Point: Think about your view of the past. Is there any historical period that you need to brush up on?

Discussion point: How do you view history? Is it a purely factual thing, or open to interpretation?
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