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Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Christmas Carol and Other Writings (A Review)

My original intention was to read this over Christmas, having seen so many different adaptations over the years and wondering which were (or weren't) accurate. My conclusion, none of the ones I'd seen were 100% accurate and my christmas seems to have been extended (at least my christmas reading has been). The actual story 'A Christmas Carol' was only part of this book, but a part which was one of the better stories in my opinion. Since I knew the rough plot, it was easier to follow than the others and reassuringly familar. Other stories were sometimes familiar by their very similar stories- something which became a bit repetative at times. Others were hard to follow for someone like me who doesn't read much classic fiction. Having said that, I very much enjoyed 'A Christmas Tree'- a succinct and descriptive ramble through the contents of a period christmas tree and the associations they stirred within the Dickensian mind.
This book is a classic and I thoroughly recommend reading it purely for this reason.
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