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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The perils of a family of readers

Like many of you (probably) I have shelves and shelves stacked full of books. Some of them are pilled several books deep and they're starting to collect on the floor as well. I've been very careful recently to buy no more books than I'm reading and to take into account books I receive from others in this. Slowly (alright very slowly) my TBR pile has been decreasing.

And then, this morning my Dad decided to have a book clearout. His shelves are worse than mine- 3 or 4 books deep nearly all the way across. He hasn't stopped buying new books really and he doesn't bookcross or let me bookcross them so they rarely go down in number. Fantastic- I thought- I may actually be able to see what he has on his shelves now and maybe I might want to read some of them.

Just before he too them down to the charity shop he asked if I wanted any of them. Big mistake- 19 books have now been added to my shelves, so they've only travelled through one doorway in effect. I now have an extra pile of books on my floor and parents who are bound to complain that they can't vacuum for all my books. The only solution- keep reading (what a pity!)
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