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Friday, 6 January 2012

Patrick Patterson and the World of Others by James Edward Fryer (A Review and Giveaway)

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"A match was struck in the distance, bringing light to what was otherwise darkness." And so began the tale of Patrick Patterson. For almost thirteen years, he's lived a quiet, simple life in the tiny town on the edge of Texas, called Farwell, but he is suddenly whisked away by a rag tag group of warriors and others across the United States to ddiscover his true identity and a destiny clouded in mystery. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he'd walk through an underground city filled with citizens from across the universe, contend with powerful enemies from the edge of the galaxy, or travel to the Arctic Circle on a high speed train. Now, he must decide what he truly desires and whether he even wants to take up the mantle of hero... or alien.
My review:
I really enjoyed this book! It began like a sci-fi classic, but soon developed into a world of its own which had me hooked right to the end. The characters were deep and complex. The plot was forever revealing new twists and turns. I also loved the way that little asides were made to reappear and take on new meanings just as you had forgotten them. The fact that this was all enclosed in a plain-looking cover and miniscual text makes the fact that I couldn't stop reading all the more remarkable. I can't wait for a sequel!

I was provided with this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Action Reader Point: Think about the different cultures that surround you. Find out more about one of them by talking to neighbours, or reading about them.

Discussion point: Are there any cultures/races/groups that you feel are discriminated against in your own society? What (if anything) is being done to promote integration?

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