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Friday, 27 January 2012

Winter Respite Readathon Mega-Challenge

The True Book Addict has set us a covet and cherish challenge.

Here what I covet:

And now to tell you about what I cherish:
I have four permanent collections of book: Terry Pratchett,Ursula le Guin, Christian Jacq and Jasper Fforde. These are housed ontop of my wardrobes, so that they are really easy to see. Amongst the bookends holding them up are two wooden owls. These are beautifully hand-carved and painted- I like to think of them as the guardians of my Ancient Egypt book collection.
The rest of my books are on one of three bookshelves that surround my room. There are over 200 books in total and they are roughly sorted by time period. I try to read a mix of time periods, writing styles and genres from these. On the bookshelf next to my bed I have a small collection of my immediate TBRs- basically what I'm intending to read over the next few weeks. 
I would hate to find myself ever without a book at hand, or to have a choice of what to read- this is why I really cherish all my books!
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