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Sunday, 1 January 2012

(Book) Marking Christmas

I promised you all that I'd share with you the book-related activities I'd done over the Christmas period, so here we go:

  • My bookish Christmas started off with making a BookCrossing tree at my local Community Christmas Tree Festival. I loved doing this, especially unwrapping the decorations as they arrived from bookcrossers all around the world. Then there was the added joy of watching people's amazement as they realised they could take a book or a decoration home completly free- it brought home the true meaning of Christmas
  • Sending off cards to bloggers and a present to my bookcrossing secret santa. Left to the last minute this year I'm afraid, but enjoyable to do none the less. And getting cards back from others countries so great as well. Some interested messages, thoughtful cards and stamps for my stamp collection.
  • Watching the new Dicken's spoof on TV. Truly hilarious! I can't say I''ve particularly enjoyed reading Dickens, so this programme was a great alternative to re-reading 'A Christmas Carol'
  • BookCrossing Christmas books whilst on holiday in Yorkshire. A Donald Duck Christmas story went into a child's ride at a motorway services, whilst 'Wayne in A Manger' was left for someone to find in Bolton Abbey.
  • Seeing the Dr Who Christmas Special, loosly based on 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'. I love Dr Who and this was a brilliant episode in my opinion. Truly magical!
  • Of course, there was plenty of time for reading, including a little time for an end-of-year readathon. But what was best were the early mornings, knowing that there was plenty of time to read rather than having to rush out to do things. I allowed myself the pleasure of reading the books that I wanted to, rather than just those I had to for review/rings and rays. I also enjoyed some lighter books than my usual fair. 
  • Going to see Creation Theatre's production of 'A Christmas Carol'. A brilliant use of props, as always, and I liked the use they made of actual Christmas carols to explain the story. This group is realy talented, we go to see them at least once a year and they're always good- do go yourself if you get the chance.

What did you do this Christmas?
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