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Friday, 20 January 2012

Interview with James Fryer

I'm glad to be able to welcome James Fryer, author of 'Patrick Patterson and the World of Others' to 'The Story Factory Reading Zone' today. James kindly agreed to be interviewed for the blog, here is what he replied:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I currently live in New York, with my wife and dog, who's really like a daughter to us.  We're a happy little family.  I'm originally from a small town in Texas, called Grapevine.  I've always been told to write what you know, so I decided to base the prominent locations in my book in areas I'm familiar with.  It was also gratifying to bring attention to my home state of Texas--in a very fun way, I think.

2. Describe 'Patrick Patterson and the World of Others' in 5 words 
That's tough.  Five words feels so limiting.  Okay, here it goes:  "A wild, fast-paced, adventure ride."  Does fast-paced count as one or two?  I think one.  But it's so much more than that, because that doesn't even get into the love story and the betrayal...five words just isn't enough!

3. Do you believe in aliens / 'others'? 
I'd like to.  I recall seeing this movie a while back that had a line (regarding if there actually weren't aliens out there) that said something like, "That would be an awful waste of space."

4. If you could transform into any living thing what, or who, would you choose? 
A monkey.  I don't know how to elaborate any further.  I've just always liked monkeys.

5. Which of your characters do you think you are most like, and why?
Patrick.  He's curious and brave, two character traits that I find most appealing in people.  I'd like to think that I exemplify both qualities.

6. Earth or Svarog?
Earth, absolutely.  There are so many places I haven't yet visited that Earth is almost like another planet in many ways.

7. What is the most boring place you have ever been to? 
Odessa, Texas.  Not too unlike Farwell, actually.  Small and dusty.  Odessa would be number one, followed closely by a visit to the DMV.

8. Do any particular books or films influence your writing?
Many things influence me.  In small ways, all books, films, and art influence me, even the ones that might not be to my overall liking.  To me, the art to living is to be observant.  To observe the small, ignored, everyday things that go overlooked.  All of those tiny aspects of life make their way into my writing.

9. If you had a Mechanical Mockingbird what message would you send, and why would you send it to? 
My wife is a flight attendant, so I would send surprise messages to her, wherever she might be staying on her trips.  As far as the actual message, that would be between her and me.  No offense ;)

10. Tell us a little about your next book. 
Well, it's going to be the next installment of Patrick Patterson.  It will pick up almost exactly where the first book leaves off.  I'd like to say more, but I don't want to ruin the first book for those that haven't read it yet!
Thanks James for those fascinating answers. I look forward with anticipation to the sequel.
If this interviews piqued your interest (and you live in the UK- sorry) then you can enter to win a copy of 'Patrick Paterson and the World of Others' on this blog until the end of the month.
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