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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Reading Resolutions

Last year I decided to abandon reading challenges about half-way through the year- I was too busy and not really in the mood for them anymore. Plus, I felt that I needed some time to read what I really wanted to read, as well as establishing myself in the review request market.

This year, I've found it hard to resist taking on two new reading challenges:
  1. Operation Deepen Faith
I made a sort-of resolution the year beforelast to try and read my bible more often. Then, last year, I set up and soon gave up on a challenge to read and bookcross more Christian books. So, I thought maybe joining someone else's bible-based challenge this year might actually get me to keep up my good intentions.  
This challenge comes in several parts. I've signed up for:
  •   II. Going Deep; Goal: STUDY one book of the Bible throughout the year. Read it in at least four translations. Read the notes in a study Bible. Read a commentary book about it. Read or listen to sermons on it. Read it as often as possible--whether that is once a week or once a month or even once a day. Get to know that one book well. Let God speak to you through it. You might even choose to take notes or journal as you read. Whatever you want to do. 
  • III. Meditate. Choose about a verse a week--or a verse every other week--to reflect and meditate on. It might mean memorizing it. It might mean writing or journaling about it. (Or blogging about it if you like.) It might mean praying it. Or studying it. It's taking the reading of Scripture into something a little more--worship. These verses would not be chosen ahead of time. I'm not asking for a list. This is all about choosing-as-you-go, choosing as you read, let Scripture speak to you. 
  •  IV. Christian Nonfiction. Don't be afraid to give it a try. Read some theology. You choose the number of books to aim for. A beginner might not feel comfortable committing to more than two books. And that's fine. I want to challenge you to start somewhere. This challenge is for everyone. Not just for people who want to commit to reading twenty! It isn't about reading the most. It isn't about reading fast. My aim is to read 3 books.
 I'll be posting my challenge progress and Christian book reviews on this blog, but I'll also be writing about the bible passages / nonfiction discussions on my other blogs, as content appropriate.  
2. The Terry Pratchettt Reaing Challenge
 As soon as I saw this, I knew I just had to do this one. I'm a BIG Terry Pratchett fan and have been collecting his books for a while now. Plus, I've bee thinking about re-reading them. So, I've bought the few last books I didn't have and my aim is to read as far as possible through The Discworld series and its associatted books as I can. Wish me luck!

I'm also going to be trying to read 100 books to make my goodreads target. Last year I only managed 78, so I'l have to try a bit harder to make this year's goal.
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