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Monday, 30 January 2012

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (A Review)

Witches are not by nature gregarious, and they certainly don't have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the leaders they didn't have. But even she found that meddling in royal politics was a lot more difficult than certain playwrights would have you believe....

My review:
A book full of Shakespeare inspired puns, this book is one of Pratchett's best. Its also a perfect start for any new Discworld readers of a literary persuasion, since it doesn't relie on knowledge of the previous books for its plot. What I particulary love about this story though, is how tackles ideas such as destiny and rule in a totally unserious way. Certainly a tale that can be taken on many levels and enjoyed starting from a range of viewpoints.
This book is part of my permenant collection.

Action Reader's Action: Contact your local MP (by letter, e-mail, or in person) to tell them your opinions on an issue that matters to you.

Discussion point: What do you think makes a good ruler?

Question for Discworld fans: Which Discworld book would you recommend someone new to the series to start with?
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