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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Thankyou (letter) post

I had intended to take a picture of all the lovely cards I got from the card exchange and all the lovely gifts I got from my bookcrossing secret santa, but I haven't got round to it I'm afraid. I know, useless excuse, but I thought rather than fiddling with new batteries for my camera and picking the cards back out of the card holder, it would be best to make a simple post now saying thankyou.

So, thankyou to my card exchange buddies- for your lovely cards and thoughtful extras, including the sherbert that I'm waiting for a special ocassion to savour, and the lovely bookmark that I'm currently using to keep the pages of my read.

And thankyou to me bookcrossing secret santa- for the gorgeous soap, the two christmas decorations and the copy of Geraldine Brooks 'People of the Book' (you got my taste so right, even without a wishlist to aid you).

Also, a big thankyou to all of you for supporting my blog through the festive season, 2011 and before. I look forward to sharing with you more during 2012.
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