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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Festive Book Buys

OK, so I went a little crazy on my Christmas book buys. But most of them were in the sale!
Want to know what I got? You don't?! Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway (you can always skip this post if you're not really interested):

'Pick Up Your Parrots and Monkeys' by William Pennington
'The Flower Net' by Lisa See
'The Time Traveller's Guide To Medieval England' by Ian Mortimer
'Where's My Cow' by Terry Pratchett
'The Last Continent' by Terry Pratchett
'The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch' by Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
'Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse' by Michael Gerber
'The High Street' by Philip Wilkinson

All in all a good set of purchases I think. I may also get some bible study guides to help me with one of this year's reading challenges (stay tuned for more information on that shortly).
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