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Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Great Big Read (A Review)

This book is really good for getting a feel of a whole range of Christian books- both fiction and non-fiction. I particularly enjoyed two of the extracts- 'Why I Jumped' by Tina Zahn and 'Just Walk Across The Room' by Bill Hybels.
The first of these- 'Why I Jumped'- is a heartwarming life story of a woman who, at the begining of the book, decides too commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. What I liked about thi extract was how Christianity was not portrayed as an automatic redemption simply through the action of going to church. The people were represented as a range of personalities and the story-line was personal through the first-person narrative.
'Just Walk Across The Room' sets out to show how easy it can be to spread your faith to others. Through a range of true stories lined together by a commentary, it really spoke to me.
Not all the extracts were to my liking however. One of the strengths of this compilation is the range of views expressed, however this also means that you are unlikely to enjoy every extract. I found 'Jerusalem Countdown' by John Hagee particularly hard reading because of its extreme views. To put it basically, Hagee seems to believe that all Muslims are potential terrorists and that our idea of religious freedom is encouraging extreme views to flourish. This viewpoint is exemplified by a selection of interviews with converted Muslims and people who used to live in either Israel or Palestine.
Overall I think this book is definatly worth a read. I have gained two more books to add ton my wishlist and an increased knowledge of a range of Christian viewpoints. I shall be passing this book onto my mother who promisesto bookcross it at a conference after she has finished her reading.
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