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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Story Starters- The Small Woman

This is the post where I test out my writing skills by typing a short story (off the top of my head) based on the first sentence from the book I'm currently reading. This week's book is 'The Small Woman' by Alan Burgess. The first sentence is from this book, the rest is from my own imagination:

The whole affair of the small woman both intrigued and concerned the senior physician.
He had never seen anyone so small in his life! Standing at only 4 inches tall, the woman was more miniscule than some of the instruments with which he was trying the examine her. She had been brought to him only hours earlier, suffering from bruising, bites and unconscious- the result of a local cat judging by the shape of the marks. Where she had come from nobody knew and she wasn't in a fit state to tell them, even if her vocal chords were large enough to make a sound (which the physician doubted). Unable to make clear headway with his oversized tools, the physician dabbed at her wounds with a cotton bud and then left her to rest.
He was summoned back by a distant and high-pitched scream coming from somewhere in the distance. Rushing towards the open door (and past his unusual patient) he soon realised that the noise was really closer at home. Standing on the edge of the bed was the small woman, peering over the edge as if deciding whether it was better to jump than face the medical staff who towered above her.
Before she could commit suicide in this way, the physician made her choice for her. He picked her up and held her at eye-level. Whispering, for fear of hurting her delicate eye-drums, he said "Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you. I'm Dr Hart, what's your name?"
She glanced at him and then back towards the floor. Finally she spoke, her voice hardly audible to the physician. "May" she said, "my name is May"
"And where do you come from May?" he asked.
She pointed vaguely in the distance, through the open door.
Soon an expidition was mounted to find May's homeland. Dr Hart would have rather it was just his team, but the police and a whole variety of scientists from other disciplines soon became involved as well. They set off, Dr Hart in the lead with the tiny May perched in the rim of his hat.
Had Dr Hart been able to see his passenger he would have been fascinated by the amazement with which she admired the countriside. She regularly placed her hand up to her eyes, staring towards the distance. She smiled as the breeze caused by the pace they were walking at blew in his face. She looked towards the trees and caught the specks of pollen as they fell.
The expedition continued walking as May directed them one way and then the other. It felt like they were walking for months, maybe even years. Eventually their expedition began to give up hope of finding the new land. The scientists began to disperse until eventually only Dr May and the police remained. And then, one day, the army arrived.
The police stood by as Dr May was removed off his guest. He struggled but he was no match for the trained men, especially the armed ones. And so it was that May found herself alone once again. If only she had been content with teh adventure of one new world rather than leading her new friend on a quest to find yet another.
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