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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

2 new (Christian) books

Went on a visit to Lemington Spa today and, of course, I found my way to the Christian bookshop there. Browsing down the half shelf of fiction, I was pleased to see that the selection covered a wide range of styles. I choose two books for myself to take home and add to my TBR pile:

Phantasies by George MacDonald
I've been hearing a lot about fairie books recently on other blogs and had begun to wonder what they were like. So, when I saw this classic, I felt it was something I had to try (especially since it came with a recommendation for C.S. Lewis himself).
What do you do if you wake up one morning and find that your bedroom has become a gateway into the mystical world of Faerie? For Anodos the answer is simple- you embrace the adventure! But his journey through this fantastical realm brings more wonders and dangers, friends and enemies than he could ever have expected. And the greatest enemy of them all is his own, ever-present shadow.

Oriel's Diary by Robert Harrison
I've always been interested in bible stories from the point of view of angels and this one appeared quite well written from a quick glance inside.
The personal diary of Archangel Oriel, colleague of Gabriel and Michael, records the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Closely basesd on Luke's Gospel, Orie's Diary presents an entirely original view of a familiar story.

 I'm looking forward to reading both of these during the year as part of my (personal) biblical challenge to celebrate the anniversary of the King James Bible.
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