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Monday, 28 February 2011

Musing Mondays #3

Hosted by Should Be Reading

Which do you prefer: Adult -or- Young Adult books? Or, both? Why?
The short answer is that I love both! I'm a big fan of the fantasy genre and these are often told very well in YA books, but they can be told just as well in adult books as well. I like a story that can be taken on all levels, that creates a complete world. I also like books that tackle real world issues. I am not a fan of the sort of teen fiction that tells of how young adults meet their first love or cope with going through high school. I am not a fan of the sort of adult fiction that tells of marriages failing or being redeemed. I want something more than this, something a bit different. To tell the truth, I don't take muh notice of whether it says young adult or adult on the label- this just isn't as important to me as the plot itself.
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