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Monday, 30 April 2012

Z is for Zonked Out

1. To be extremly tired
 2. To fall asleep, normally because of exhaustion
 From The Urban Dictionary

Are you feeling like this after all the busy A-Z activity?

Actually, this experience has not been as tiring for me as I thought it would be. I've been busy scheduling my posts for the next week at the weekend, and have still (just about) had time to do my usual reviews and reading whilst working 5 days a week and keeping up my musical activities.

Just before I fall asleep is one of my favourite times to do reading. I find that it relaxes the mind and, sometimes, it even informs my dreams as well. The only problem is that, when I'm really into a book, I'd rather stay awake than actually sleep. Someone else mentioned to me the other day that they find it hard to read at night because if there are any complications in the book then they don't tend to take them in and what they read subsequently doesn't always make sense as a result.
Do you, my readers, have either of these problems? And, also, are there any books that you find particularly difficult to read just before bedtime?
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