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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for Pace

Fast or Slow? I'd love to know!

I did a little quiz thing a while ago about how quick I can read. I can't remember actually how many words/pages per minute it was, but I remember that it worked out about the same speed as a college professor. I'm not that surprised though, I've always been quite a quick reader.

When I work out my goals for reading challenges, I tend to work on the basis of about 10 pages every half hour (though, of course, this depends on text size etc). I also worked out that if I were to sit down and read the whole bible non-stop ot would take me about a day.

The problem is that things get in the way of reading. Whilst I'd love to be able to read all the time, it just isn't realistic. This slows my reading right down to a maximum of 2 books a week, and a minimum of 1 book a month. Until a reading challenge comes up, of course, then just watch me go!

What's your reading pace like?
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