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Thursday, 12 April 2012

K is for Kickstart Your Reading

HELP! I don't feel like reading!

Does anyone else ever have these moments? I love reading, but just now and again I get bored and feel like taking a break. Then I look at my overflowing TBR shelves and think "but I really should keep going".
Here are some of the strategies I've used to help me get my momentum back. They all work (sometimes):
  • Reorganise my TBR shelves. In the process I often spot some great books that I'd forgotten about.
  • Join a readathon. This was a HAVE to read!
  • Simply browse my shelves (including those I've already read) for something I fancy.
  • Try a totally different style of book from the one I've just read.
  • Go somewhere interesting to read, e.g. a nature spot, a different room, the library
  • Buy a new book- somehow they're always most interesting
  • Eat chocolate at the same time (who says chocolate doesn't work magic)
  • Do something else for a little bit- I find listening to music or writing particularly therapeutic
  • Chat to other readers online- sometimes their enthusiasm can be catching!
What do you do when you hit a readig rut? Or are you lucky enough not to have them at all?
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