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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for Comfort Zone

Where do you like to read?

 I bet you thought this post was going to be about going outside your comfort zone, trying new things! Well I did consider that, but I've made comments about that recently. So I decided instead to talk about where I like to read.

My favourite place to read is sitting curled up in bed. I'm surrounded by my TBR shelves and favourite fiction books. I pull the duvet up and lie on my side, resting my head lightly against the pillow. On a warm day I open the window and listen to the birdsong whilst I read. On a cold day I turn my daylight lamp on full and might even prop myself up so that I can drink a tea or hot chocolate. Its comforting, relaxing. The only problem is that if I stay there too long I'm prone to falling asleep.

And so, for readathons and the like, I tend to sit downstairs on a comfy armchair. I have the patio door open when I can and my computer nearby for all that blogging activity. I'm alone in my thoughts and only disturbed when someone else in the family decides to turn the TV on, or start a conversation with me. Then I retreat back upstairs again.

Sometimes, for a real luxery, I run myself a nice warm bath and settle down amongst the bubble to read. I guess this is my real comfort zone, although its probably the one I use least if all.

One day I plan to make an area in my study for reading. Surrounded by postcards and cards from fellow bookcrossers and postcrossers, I'll sit on a warm rug in my own private world.

Where is your comfort zone?
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