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Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Terry Pratchett

Discworld, here we come!

It seems like Terry Pratchett is quite popular these days, but the question is- why?

For me, its the combination of humour, social commentary, fantasy, and an intelligent thread running through it all. Terry Pratchett's books, and particularly the Discworld series, can easily be enjoyed by people of all ages and educational backgrounds. They can be understood on many levels. And everytime I read them I find something new in the text that I'd never noticed before. Most of the books can be read as standalones but, as a series, they gain a deeper and more complex story.

I love Terry Pratchett so much that I'm forever keeping an eye out for hiss books in charity shopss so that I can share them with others. Like you- if you entered my recent giveaway.

Are you a Terry Pratchett fan? If so, what do you enjoy about his books?
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