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Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for BookCrossing

B is for BookCrossing

Those of you who regularly follow my blog will have heard quite a bit about bookcrossing (I even have a page about it), but I recently realised that I haven't really explained why I enjoy bookcrossing.

Is it because it's a good way of clearing bookshelves?
I originally joined bookcrossing to get rid of my old, finished with books. If your disciplined enough about not getting new ones then it is great for this. But this is not why I've stayed with bookcrossing (in-fact I now have many more books than I had before waiting to be read).

Is it because it gives me an excuse to read?
Well, yes, it does do that. I keep thinking, "I need to finish more books, so that I have some to give away". But, then again, do I really need an excuse to read? And, if I did, don't readathons do this anyway.

Is it because it gets me out in the fresh air?
My favourite bookcrossing activity is wild releasing- leaving books for people to find. I love nothing better than a warm day when I can go for a walk, read for a bit, and then release a book on my way home. Bookcrossing encourages me to take my walks in different places, going further afield than I might otherwise. This is because I've found that the more unusual the place where you leave a book, the more likely that the finder will tell you (journal) that they've found said book. I also find that I see a lot more of the world around me when I'm looking for a good release spot (or when I'm on the look out for a book someone else has left).

Is it the friendships I've made?My first real bookcrossing activity was a picnic. Several local bookcrossers met up, had some food together in a park and then went off wild releasing books around the town. All the people were friendly and so have been all the bookcrossers I've met since. Nowadays I love chatting about and swapping books at local meets and unconventions. The unconventions are also a great place to meet authors and discover new areas of England. I also chat with bookcrossers around the world on the forums, and have made contacts with others through rings and rays.

Is it the fact that I never know where my book will travel?
As one the official release labels says, bookcrossing is like a treasure hunt. When a book leaves my possession I love the fact that I can track its journey. I currently have a book sitting with a finder who has promised to take it to Australia. I've had lovely journal entries from people who've loved the surprise of finding a book. And I've had new members join because they love the idea of bookcrossing. But the best time is when a message pops into my inbox from a book I had lost track of- its a wonderful surprise!

The truth is that these are all reasons why I love bookcrossing. Together they make it one of my favourite things to do. And if it sounds like something you'd love to do as well then why not take a look at bookcrossing.com

In the meantime I'd love to hear about your favourite activities and why you love them.

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