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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Q A Novel by Paul Nigro (A Review)

 The Scribe. In 70 A.D., a scribe who was a witness to the life and teachings of Jesus, leaves his notes in the safekeeping of the Qumran community. He once asked Jesus if he coould become one of he Twelve- but was told no. He is the author of ... Q. The Society. No one has heard of the Society of St. Matthew, an intensely secretive band of men whose sole purpose is to study, and more importantly, guard the existence of an ancient manuscript. But has one of their own members betrayed their cause? They are the guardians of ... Q. The Media Mongul. This billionaire illegally takes possession of a first-century manuscript that he plans to use as a tool to undermine confidence in Christian scripture and faith. He beliees this will behis singular contribution to the world. The name of hs scheme is ... Q. The Student. Gigi Vaughn is a seminary student and a volunteer at a homeless shelter in Ft. Worth, Texas. Her life is turned upside down when she fids an injured man in the alley behind the shelter- an Englishman who mumbles something about ... Q. The Thief. Jeremy Croft has the aristocratic bearing of an English Lor, but plies a trade that's not quite as lofty. The Society of St. Matthew has hired him to steal back from the media baron something they treasure. The teasure is ... Q. Q. A simple manuscript, purporting to tell about the life of Jesus, is about to create a web of violence and intrigue ... and touch the lives of all those who are people of faith!

My review
This book offered a unique insight into what might happen if the real 'q' source of Christianity was found. The plot was enticing and interesting, getting the reader to engage with issues in a simple way. The characters, especially Gigi Vaughn, were very realistic. The only downside was that the argument for Christianity was placed in the final chapter almost as if it was an afterthought, I would have liked it if there had been more obvious discussion between the viewpoints.

Action Reader's Action: Think about what your beliefs are grounded on. If you are religious, make time to reflect on your faith in your daily life.

What are your beliefs based upon? Do you think biblical texts are relevant in today's society?

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