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Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for Fact or Fiction

Is it a Fiction that I never read Fact?

If you ask me what I read, fact or fiction, I'll always answer fiction! I love the idea of being immersed in a fantasy world, drifting into an author's imagination. And, I guess, I also like being able to let my mind wander to new scenarios without worrying about destroying the truth.

And yet, if you look across my TBR shelves, you'll find quite a few memoirs, autobiographies and travel journals. You see these too provide an element of escapism, plus a possibility of insight into someone else's world.

And in truth, much of my fiction reading almost crosses the boundary. I like historical fiction, something based on fact even if often its mostly fiction. Plus, isn't all writing based on an author's experiences to some extent (or so they say).

Now I've got myself totally confused, are you confused as well? Or are you clear cut on whether you prefer fact or fiction?
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