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Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for Monthly Roundups

Managing (or not managing) the monthly headache

Operation Read Bible & the Terry Pratchett challenge were the two reading challenges that I set myself this year. Along with them I decided to do a monthly roundup to keep track of where I was, plus tell you all what readathons I'd taken part in. 4 months later and I've totally abandoned that idea.

Monthly Roundups are a great way to let others know what you've been doing. They can provide links to relevant posts, making it easier for readers to find what they're interested in. They can also make it easy for bloggers to compare what they've done each month, and where they're up to with their challenges. This is the reason I decided to do them.

However, one thing has slowed me down- time! Some months I definatly have time around the turn of the calendar page, others I'm far too busy with life. And lets not forget the reading that has to be done to make it worth while doing the updates at all.

I must admit that I'm quite jealous of those of you who manage to do monthly roundups regularly. They make your blogs look organised and professional. But I've now resigned myself to the fact that this is not something I can currently achieve. So instead I'm going to plough through my usual posts, and let you know what I'm currently reading from the main page.

I'll still be doing my two reading challenges (and I'll try to remember to let you know what's happening with them ocassionally). And I hope that you still find something you can enjoy.
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