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Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for E-Books

Why I'm not so eager to enter the world of E-Books

When I first heard of e-readers I thought- fantastic, gadgets and books combined, I'll love it. Then I sat back and thought: "I can't see the screen on my digital camera in bright sun, will I be able to see the words?", "I get a headache staring too long at a computer screen, will this be the same?"

By the time I had finished my investigation, and found out that neither of these were actually problems, I'd already got truly hooked by the world of physical books. I'd discovered that I loved their smell, the fact that I could flick through their pages, the feel of the paper in my hands, taking them into the bath, and being able to easily pass them onto others.

Don't get me wrong: I think e-books are great for some. I can see the advantage of not having to lug loads of books away on holiday. I can see that they might be lighter for commuters. I can see the interactive possibilities that might attract those not already passionate about the written word. But, I just don't think I fit into one of those camps- yet!

Maybe, one day, I'll look back and say "why did I make all that fuss about retiring my paperbacks?", but for today I'm proud to be a supporter of the printed word. And I wonder, if e-books do take over the world, will there still be a place for independent bookstores, libraries and bookcrossing?

What do you think? Are you an e-book enthusiast, or a physical bookaphile?
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