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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Discussion

Where do you have your book discussions?

I had originally intended this post to be about my attempts to promote discussions on this blog. But then, inspired by I started to think about where, and how, I have my book-related discussions. The first, most obvious place was on this blog. I love to post review of what I've read and getting comments back from you guys. That's sort of a discussion, although its not very interactive.

Then there's the bookcrossing meetings that I go to. That's probably where I go most of my book discussions. At the local meetups we always have a huge pile of books right in the middle of the table. At least part of our talking is about why we've brought those books, whether we enjoyed them or not, and who might like them. Then there's the chat about our latest reads. Finally, we play a book-swapping game where you have to describe your book and why you liked it- that often prompts discussion.

At the bookcrossing unconventions there are even more opportunities for book-related discussion. Visiting authors provide prompts to talk about their genres, issues and your own favourite authors. The pile of books to chat over is even larger. There's often a book quiz or two which get you sharing common book-related interests. And then there's the opportunity to have meals with other like-minded people.

Online I've discovered the joys of goodreads, facebook and twitter for prompting discussion. For some reason I've not really been fulling pulled into the forums on goodreads, or chatting on facebook, but twitter is definatly making me want to chat more. I just hope I don't end up rambling!

What do these places all have in common? Like-minded people who enjoy books, that's what. And wherever that is there's bound to be book discussions.

Where do you have yours?
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