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Monday, 16 July 2012

Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett (A Review)

The fairies are back- but this time they don't just want your teeth...
Grannt Weatherwax and her tiny coven are up against real elves.
It;s Midsummer Night. No time for dreaming...
With full supporting cast of dwarves, wizards, trolls, Morris dancers and one orang-utan. And lots of hey-nonny-nonny and blood all over the place.

Imagine Midsummer Nights Dream set in a world inhabited by wizards, dwarves and trolls, as well as the traditional fairy-folk. Set it at stonehenge and you get the most normal part of this story. This is one for those less used to fantasy, a great start into reading about other worlds. However, for those used to fantasy, its not one of the best discworld novels- somehow it just seems too normal somehow! That aside its still a good book, mainly due to the humour portayed through the classic discworld-corrupted witches as they try to put the world back to normal (whatever normal really is). 

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Which Discworld race is your favourite and why?

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