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Friday, 27 July 2012

The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey (A Review)

Never had thre been as close a bonding as the one that existed between the daring and adventurous young Lord Jaxom and his extraordinary white dragon, Ruth. Pure white and incredibly agile, Ruth was a dragon of many talents, though almost everyone on Pern thought he was a runt that would never amount to anything.

My review:
I love the way this story develops out of the previous book, and yet could be taken as a tale of its own. Ruth and Jaxom have a great relationship, which really comes across in the words used to describe it. This is a coming of age tale set in a world sometimes unlike our own. And yet there are hints at something more going on here, something that deffinatly makes me want to read more of the series. Its hard not to become hooked into this wonderful place.

Action Reader's Action: Talk to the young people around you or (if you are a young person) take the time to consider advice from an elder.

Did you ever do anything against the advice of others older than you? What happened?
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