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Monday, 23 July 2012

Music Through The Pages: Giveaways Sign-Up List

I'll be hosting a giveaway here next month as part of my 'Music Through The Pages' event.

But I'd also like to be able to link up to any relevant giveaways you're having as a thankyou for joining in.
If you'd like your giveaway to be featured then leave a link below to your blog/twitter/facebook etc. (I'm also happy to host your giveaway here if you don't have anywhere to host it yourself- just leave your e-mail address and I'll get back to you).

Any giveaways featured must meet the following criteria:
  • Take place during August
  • Do not require any purchases to be made
  • Should be linked to books and music, e.g. a book featuring music, a music book, bookmarks with music on them, music inspired by a book, a book and music linked to it
Stay tuned for more information on my own giveaway towards the end of the week. 
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