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Saturday, 26 May 2012

When Children's Books Aren't Just For Children

Do you remember all the fuss when Harry Potter came out and adults began to read it? There were rumours of people hiding the cover behind jackets of other books. This led to two sorts of covers: one for children and one for adults.

This week I picked up several Terry Pratchett books from the children's section of a charity shop. They had the children's cover, but there are adult versions as well (the same but with different covers). It made me wonder whether these would be on different shelves, i.e. the adult ones.

It seems to me that its becoming more acceptable for adults to read books marketed to young adults. On a recent trip to a major bookretailer I spotted versions of the same book in both the YA and adult sections of the store. Across the blogosphere there are more and more over 18s willing to review YA, and the age-range is sometimes much less specific that it was when I first heard of the term.

So, my question to you is, what is your view of YA/children's fiction? Are you ashamed to read it, or is it just another sort of book to read? What about revisiting books from your youth?
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