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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Help (A Movie Review)

The Help

Website Synopsis
The #1 New York Times best seller by Kathryn Stockett comes to vivid life through the powerful performances of a phenomenal ensemble cast. Led by Emma Stone, Academy Award®-nominated Viola Davis (Best Supporting Actress, Doubt, 2008), Octavia Spencer and Bryce Dallas Howard, The Help is an inspirational, courageous and empowering story about very different, extraordinary women in the 1960s South who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project — one that breaks society’s rules and puts them all at risk. Filled with poignancy, humor and hope — and complete with compelling, never-before-seen bonus features — The Help is a timeless, universal and triumphant story about the ability to create change.

Starring (in alphabetical order):
Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Sissy Spacek, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Cicely Tyson, Mary Steenburgh

My review
A thought-provoking, serious, and yet sometimes hilarious, film about segregated 1960s society. The film still maintained the ability to shock that the book had, making me realise even more the true extent of differences between 'black and white living' in parts of America and that time. Emma Stone was fantastic as Skeeter, realy showing how difficult it could be to be sympathetic to equality in such a world. My only criticism is that you knew what she was going to do right from the beginning, and (to some extent) who else was going to be involved- it rather ruined some of the suspense.
Definatly worth watching, especially if you enjoyed the book.

What do you think?

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