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Monday, 28 May 2012

The overflowing TBR pile

Recently I wrote a post entitled 'The Neverending TBR pile'. Unfortunatly, since then, my TBR pile has grown even bigger (thanks to a fete I went to on Saturday). The result is that now my TBR pile has finally completly filled my shelves and is starting to flow over onto the floor.

This made me wonder what other people do when they no longer have room for all the books they have waiting to be read. I know I should probably just cull them, but I really want to read them (or at least did when I got them). I've spent good money on (most) of these books. And some of them have come from others who would really like me to read them. You see, I think I just have too many reasons to not do a cull.

Maybe I could find somewhere new to stack them. Maybe I could clear some non-fiction shelves and add fiction there. Maybe I could sneak some onto my parents shelves. Dare I start a few spirals on bookcrossing and hope I get them back in decent condition.

Anyone got any ideas?
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