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Friday, 11 May 2012

New Amazon links

I've always said that I wouldn't make money out of my blog. Then I found out that my Brass Band has signed up to Amazon Associates and that the code can be used on any site. The result? You'll now see ocassional Amazon links dotted around the site. At the moment they point to the main page, but I soon hope to start doing links to specific books as well.

Why should you click on them? I hear you ask.

Well, put basically, you'll be supporting a good cause. Abbey Brass is a charity that teaches children and adults how to play instruments and become part of a team at minimal cost. They also provide instruments at no additional cost. The band are particularly keen on getting families involved, providing enjoyable and fulfilling family time and strengthening ties through learning together.
Lessons start off in small groups, all led by long-standing players. After a while players progress into the training band and, eventually, have the opportunity of playing in the main band. Both the training and main bands provide performance opportunities for players, and (as well as being booked privately) ocassionally play at charity events for no extra cost. There are also socials at which players of all ages, as well as their families and friends are welcome- these are great bonding opportunities between groups and provide the chance for more established members to listen to the learning groups playing.

I really love Abbey Brass and I hope that, after checking out our website, you will too. If you make a purchase after clicking on an Amazon link then Abbey Brass will get a little money at no cost to you. Please do consider it where you see the logo.

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