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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Story Factory Reading Zone Reviews

Inspired by The Story Siren's recent post on how to get your book reviewed on her site, I thought I'd let you know my top 5 tips for getting your book reviewed on The Story Factory Reading Zone.

But first, why should you be interested in having me review your book?
  1. My reviews are short and snappy. This allows me to get straight to the core of the story as I see it. Amd it means that more people are likely to read all of what I've written.
  2. I stress the importance of the writing, not the cover. I mention when I really like the cover, but I try noot to judge a book by its cover. This means that unfinished ARCs and those who ended up self-publishing cheaply are not disadvantaged by a basic cover.
  3. I really want to promote books (and authors) that I've enjoyed. I'm always happy to have gues posts, interviews and giveaways from authors for whom I've given positive reviews.
  4. My reviews are honest. I do not guarantee a positive review, but I explain my opinion and try to see what others might enjoy in a book. 
  5. If you're book is Christian fiction then I'll also post my review on my faith blog- Blog for The Thought
  6. I put my review requests before all my other reading. I try to be clear about how long it will take me to read a book and post reviews immediately (I will also post at a set time if requested to do so).

If this sounds good to you, you probably now want to know what would make me want to review your book?
  1. Please read my review policy carefully. For instance, I've had several requests to review e-books even though it states that I won't. If you think I should make a exception for your book then please state why (and don't just say because you thiink I'd enjoy the book- why would I enjoy it?)
  2. Provide a synopsis of your book. Then I can easily tell if it's something I'd like to read. And it really helps save time for me if you include it in your e-mail, rather than providing a link to your website
  3. Tell me a little bit about yourself. If you've written books before then list them. If you've already got reviews of your books elsewhere provide a link to one of them. All this helps to give me a picture of what your book will be like and make the right decision about whether I'm going to enjoy it or not.
  4. I'm particularly interested in self-published/indie authors, UK authors and people who write Christian fiction. If your book fits any of these criteria then mention it could just persaude me to review a book I'm undecided upon.
  5. Mention any interviews, giveaways or guestposts you might be willing to do in your initial request. Also the format of the book and if you would like me to post my review at a specific time. 

If that sounds great then e-mail me at neeuqfonafamai(at)googlemail(dot)com with your review request. I'd love to hear from you!

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