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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Neverending TBR Pile

What someone gives me a book my first thought is always: great something new to read! Then my second thought is: what, something else to read!

You see my problem is that my TBR pile now has more that 100 books on it. I am slowly decreasing the number, but the ultimate word in that sentence is slowly. And yet, who can resist a different story, an author new to them, a reading adventure wrapped up between sheets of paper? Not me, that's for sure!

So, how do you deal with those mounting books?

Well, I've ending up prioritising:
  1. Read those books that have to be read for reviews, or bookcrossing rings
  2. Schedule those books that are part of reading challenges 
  3. Make sure those books given to me by bookcrossers aren't too far down the pile
  4. Put everything else in the order I receive/buy it and read as fast as I can.
Yes, that's it really! My solution is to read as fast as I can!

I've tried not bringing in new books but, for me, that's almost like not getting food into the house and living off tins only. It's especially tempting when they're free (as they are with bookcrossing) or very cheap (in other words when I get them in charity shops).

I guess that's why I try to do so many readathons, in the hope that it'll make me read faster. It might not always work (when life gets in the way), but it certainly tends to reducing my TV viewing.

So my question to you is, how to you try to reduce that neverending TBR pile and, more importantly, is it working?

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